• Commercial Entrance Matting System At 22 Bishopsgate


    SystemINTRAflex XT and INTRAflex Radial
    SpecificationSilver finish with INTRAlux Linear inserts in Grey 451
    LocationBishopsgate, London
    ArchitectPLP Architecture

    Perfectly Blending

    Perfectly blending into its surroundings, the entrance matting at 22 Bishopsgate helps create a blank canvas to showcase the contemporary artwork adorning the multi-level foyer.

    Traffic at 22 Bishopsgate

    As the tallest tower in the City of London, Twentytwo is designed as a ‘vertical village’, to support its 12,000 inhabitants.

    Offering 202,000 sqm of space over 60 floors, this new commercial office building will experience a high volume of regular foot traffic.

    A substantial area of recessed entrance matting is essential to protect against slips and maintain a clean aesthetic.

    With consolidated deliveries to reduce its carbon footprint, and changing exhibits, the entrance matting also needs to withstand heavy wheeled loads.

    Blending In

    On entering the building, visitors find themselves in a gallery-style space, surrounded by a mix of commissioned and temporary artworks.

    To maintain focus on the art, PLP Architecture provided a detailed entrance matting specification, quoting INTRAsystems products in tones selected to blend with the flooring.

    The six pedestrian entrances feature high-performance recessed aluminium entrance matting systems in a standard milled finish.

    At the main entrances, INTRAflex XT is used in the primary matting area, while a combination of INTRAflex XT and INTRAflex Radial are used within the revolving doors.

    The mats all feature INTRAlux Linear fibre inserts in Grey 451 to match tonally with the floor. Together, the ribs of the fibre and mix of matting systems provide a subtle textural contrast to the hard surfaces.

    Size and Shelter

    Covering the full width of the entrances and extending more than 3 metres into the foyer, the entrance matting exceeds the minimum sizes recommended by WELL and BS 7953.

    Although open to the elements, the substantial glass canopies by artist, Alexander Beleschenko, protect the entrances from the worst wind and rain. Due to this added protection and the sizeable walk-off area internally, the revolving doors do not require external rubber inserts; offering 4 litres of absorption per square metre, the INTRAlux Linear inserts are more than up to the job.

    Cycle Entrance

    With a basement Bike Park offering 1699 spaces, the cycle entrance to 22 Bishopsgate requires additional protection against moisture.

    Using INTRAflow entrance matting with ribbed rubber inserts and an INTRAmatting Waterlogic base, the architect has created a system capable of tackling extreme amounts of moisture.

    The ribbed rubber inserts scrape moisture from footwear and wheels, while the open construction matting allows moisture to drain into the base below.

    By linking to a drainage outlet, the INTRAmatting Waterlogic drainable matwell base can drain away litres of water to ensure a safe and slip-free entrance.

    For entrances that are open to the elements and subject to excessive moisture an open construction system with rubber inserts is essential.

    For extreme situations such as this cycle entrance, a drainable matwell base is a sensible solution.

    INTRAmatting Waterlogic can be cut and shaped to suit any matwell base. Straight or curved, our UK based team can manufacture to your exact designs.

    Learn More

    Whether you need something to blend with your space, to tackle excessive dirt or moisture or create a wow factor, we provide entrance matting systems that achieve your desired aesthetic – and exceed performance requirements.

    To learn more about the factors that affect entrance matting specification and how to combat them with the right combination of product and design, book our RIBA and BID approved CPD session today.

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