Drainable support system designed to
provide optimum performance in areas
of extreme traffic flow and excessive
moisture ingress.

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INTRAmatting Waterlogic Features

  • Exceptionally strong construction for extreme loading
  • High volume capacity: 75 litres per m²
  • Proven design for the most effective performance
  • Effective soil fall-away to minimise tracking
  • Versatile design for ease of installation in all locations
  • Open construction design for simple cleaning regime
A 22mm
B 30mm
C 80mm
1 Finished Floor surface
2 Support Profile
3 Entrance matting systems
4 Screed base/waterproof membrane (supplied by others)
5 Drainage outlet (supplied by others)



Product Reference INTRAmatting Waterlogic drainable matwell system
Suitable Matting systems Open Construction: INTRAflex XT, INTRAflow, INTRAflow Plus,
Installation In suitable recessed matwell area with surface of mat level with
adjoining floor covering
Can be customised to fit bespoke matwell bases
Construction High Traffic environments with high soil & moisture ingress
80mm deep aluminium forming profile to surround of matwell
Waterproof membrane or stainless steel sheet to base of recess,
laid to fall with drainage outlet
Support profiles installed perpendicular to matting profiles,
minimum 300mm centres

Entrance Matting Systems

Intramatting waterlogic mat cutout
Waterlogic Drainable Matwell

Typical Specification:

Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_57_11_26 Entrance mats

N10 / 300 Entrance Matting


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Product Reference:

INTRAmatting Waterlogic

Product Description:

Drainable matwell system
Installed with open
construction INTRAflex XT, INTRAform FR, INTRAflow or INTRAflow Plus Entrance Matting systems
Installed in accordance with
manufacturer’s instructions