• High-Performance Entrance Matting At 1 Finsbury Avenue


    SystemINTRAflow Entrance Matting
    SpecificationBlack Anodised with Combination Ribbed Rubber and INTRAlux Select Grey 73 Fibre Inserts
    ArchitectAllford Hall Monaghan Morris

    The perfect choice

    Constructed in the early 80s by Arup Associates, 1 Finsbury Avenue has been carefully redeveloped as part of its evolution from single occupancy into a mixed-use offering of retail, leisure and flexible office space.

    Behind the grade 2 listed bronze façade, work included the re-establishment of pedestrian access through the ground floor to reconnect the building with Finsbury Avenue Square and the wider Broadgate Campus neighbourhood.

    The bright, bold work of artist Morag Myerscough featured in this lower atrium echoes the lines of the façade to provide a vibrant counterpoint to the interior black metalwork and wall panelling.

    To match the interior aesthetic, black anodised INTRAflow entrance matting was specified for both East and West entrances.

    The extreme strength rating of the system makes it the perfect choice to withstand the heavy, regular traffic for the newly pedestrianised ground floor.

    Combination Inserts

    A combination of inserts was specified within the Entrance Matting to create a zonal system for maximum performance.

    Ribbed rubber inserts within the first section of the revolving doors scrape off excess moisture from footwear. This is then followed by a combination of rubber and INTRAlux Select polyamide fibre throughout the remaining mat.

    Polyamide fibres provide superior absorption, with the thick, soft pile of INTRAlux Select capable of retaining up to an impressive 6.6 l /m²- the most absorbent in our range.

    The rubber and fibre inserts work together to provide an effective dual action of scraping and absorption which, coupled with INTRAflow’s specially designed drainage channels, ensure the matting provides maximum dirt and moisture retention.


    Matwells stretch the full width of the entrance lobby and 3 metres internally, meeting the WELL recommendation and far exceeding minimum compliance requirements set by BS 7953.

    This substantial walk off area will minimise contaminants being brought into the building, which will reduce cleaning requirements, minimise the likelihood of slips and help to prolong the life of the flooring beyond.

    Contact our expert team today to develop a specification that perfectly meets your design and performance requirements or discover INTRAflow and INTRAlux Select for yourself with a free sample.


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