• Abstract Entrance Matting At 100 Wood Street


    SystemINTRAform DM LP
    SpecificationClear anodised profiles with INTRAlux Linear inserts in Anthracite 443 cut into floor in abstract pattern
    LocationLondon, UK
    ClientMorgan Lovell

    Using INTRAform DM LP, this abstract Entrance Matting design makes a striking first impression at Sir Norman Foster’s 100 Wood Street.

    Originally built in 2000, the public areas have been completely refurbished to update this iconic building for a new generation of tenants.

    Using 132 separate panels, manufactured to size, and trimmed to fit on-site, the new entrance matting design falls into rhythm with the ceramic floor tiles.

    entrance matting angled in line with the buldign facade creates a clever yet functional design feature

    Clever design

    The angle of the entrance matting profiles at first seems unusual. However, they in fact align with the façade of the building.

    This orientation helps create a clever design feature that simultaneously improves the function of the design.

    Despite the abstract matwell shape, the scraper bars are still angled in the direction of traffic. The matting density is also highest in areas with the most traffic. This ensures sufficient coverage to the reception desk, waiting area and the main thoroughfare to the lift bank.

    entrance matting with perfect rib alignment between revolving door and primary matting

    Form and function

    Unlike standard matting, the slim 11.5mm profile of INTRAform DM LP minimises the works required to accommodate the matwell within the tiling design. This low-profile design is perfect for shallow matwells such as this. It can also be used for surface mounted applications using a ramp-edged trim.

    With the reception area subject to lots of natural daylight, the clear anodised finish applied to our aluminium systems as standard helps reduce glare. Along with the extra-wide fibre inserts in INTRAform DM LP, this also helps to reduce the overall LRV (Light Reflective Value).

    Building canopy provides protetcion for fibre entrance matting

    External factors

    The angled building canopy provides protection for the entrance. This allows a single fibre insert to feature throughout the matwell and revolving door for visual continuity.

    The double-width fibre inserts increase foot contact for maximum absorption.

    For more exposed entrances or for standard width systems it can be advisable to combine rubber scraper inserts to help remove moisture.

    Entrance matting used as a reception design feature at 100 Wood Street

    How to Specify Entrance Matting

    To find out how you can specify creative entrance matting whilst meeting the required performance measures for your building, book a CPD session for your practice or enquire about our live open-access webinars.

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