• Entrance Mating at Churchill Square Shopping Centre

    Entrance Matting At Churchill Square Shopping Centre


    SystemINTRAform Double Module
    SpecificationINTRAlux Elite Black 608 and Magenta Ribbed Fibre Insert
    OwnerStandard Life Investment

    About Churchill Square Shopping Centre

    Located in the heart of Brighton and only a 10 min walk from the station, Churchill Square Shopping Centre is home to over 100 shops, restaurants and cafes all under one roof. It is open 7 days a week and has all the conveniences expected of a new shopping centre. Offering the very best in high street shopping from brands such as Topshop, Apple, Zara, Debenhams you can be sure to find the right shop for you. Selecting and installing a suitable entrance matting system is vital to keep shoppers safe.

    Entrance Mating at Churchill Square Shopping Centre

    Slips and Trips

    Currently the shopping centre attracts an annual footfall of 13 million. This is hugely impressive. However, it presents a challenge for the centre to whom maintaining the safety of shoppers is paramount. Thousands of shoppers become unfortunate victims of accidents in shops, shopping malls and supermarkets across the UK every year. Shopping Centres must take reasonable precautions to ensure that their premises are safe and that customers are not injured when they visit. The most common reason for slips and trips in a shopping centre is due to moisture, dropped food, spilt drinks or inclement weather conditions affecting the internal flooring. In many cases, these incidents could have been prevented.

    INTRAform DM Entrance Matting at Churchill Square

    What Did INTRAsystems Do?

    We worked with the management of Churchill Square Shopping Centre and installed heavy-duty recessed Entrance Matting to tackle this issue head-on. We believe in stopping the two things that cause these slips & trips at the entrance; dirt and moisture. What better Matting to install to prevent these injuries than the flagship INTRAform Double Module matting solution. Combined with our most popular INTRAlux Elite Black 608 Fibre insert a great barrier is formed. The double-width insets retain maximum moisture, enhancing the reception.

    Fibre Inserts in INTRAform DM Entrance Matting

    Benefits for the Shopping Centre

    Using our matting the centre was able to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture into the flooring beyond, therefore minimising unnecessary accidents. As the flooring beyond remains clean, the maintenance costs are also reduced. The internal environment remains aesthetically pleasing so shoppers are retained. Finally, for Churchill Square, we were able to help retain their branding by manufacturing a totally bespoke solution which utilised colours and logos to welcome shoppers.

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    Logo Matting at Churchill Square Shopping Centre

    INTRAform DM

    Heavy-duty aluminium entrance matting with extra-wide fibre inserts for optimum moisture absorption in high traffic …