• Entrance Matting Installation At The Gyle Shopping Centre


    SystemINTRAform DM
    SpecificationStandard Aluminium Finish with INTRAlux Elite Black 608 Fibre insert in Chevron Pattern
    LocationEdinburgh, Scotland

    Clean and safe

    Gyle Shopping Centre first opened in 1993, offering 400,000 sq ft of high-quality retail space in Scotland’s capital city.

    Home to 65 stores and 2000 retail management staff, the centre receives footfall in excess of 11 million a year. Such high levels of traffic present a huge challenge for the centre for whom maintaining the safety of these shoppers is paramount.

    According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), ‘slips and trips remain the single most common cause of major injury in the retail sector’.

    Most accidents can be attributed to excess moisture on smooth flooring, spillages and failure to keep flooring free from contamination – An effective entrance matting solution will stop foot borne contaminants at the door to help minimise these risks.

    At Gyle Shopping Centre, INTRAform DM was installed in a chevron pattern to create a stunning yet highly functional entrance design.

    The extra wide INTRAlux Elite inserts in Black 608 provide 5.4l/m² of moisture absorption, ensuring the flooring beyond is kept clean and safe.

    INTRAlux Elite is made from 100% Econyl regenerated nylon, making it the perfect choice for the centre that has worked hard to achieve environmental awards, exceeding 60% onsite recycling and reducing its electricity consumption by 12%.

    See more of our work with shopping centres across the country on our Sector pages.

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    INTRAform DM

    Heavy-duty aluminium entrance matting with extra-wide fibre inserts for optimum moisture absorption in high traffic …