• Manchester Metropolitan University

    Entrance Matting at Manchester Metropolitan University


    SystemINTRAflex XT
    SpecificationClear anodised with INTRAlux Elite fibre inserts in Anthracite 607
    ArchitectAllies and Morrison

    A Unison of Old and New

    A unison of old and new, Manchester Metropolitan University’s new Arts and Humanities building uses INTRAflex XT entrance matting for a clean and simple aesthetic.

    Combining the former Mayble Tylecoate and Grosvenor buildings, the development creates an additional 12,500m² of space for the University; bringing together the Manchester Poetry Library, Manchester Writing School and Holden Gallery; as well as TV and radio studios; a new 180-seat theatre, café; restaurant; and exhibition space.

    Covered Entrance

    The Allies and Morrison design incorporates the historic Grosvenor Building, with its listed portico forming the principal entrance.

    With the portico and the internal glass vestibule providing some shelter from the elements, the architect specified a primary entrance matting system with INTRAlux Elite fibre inserts in Anthracite 607.

    This fibre offers an exceptional tuft count to provide 5.4l/m2 of absorption, combined with the highest Class 33 Wear Rating.

    Substantial Walk-Off Area

    To enhance performance with this simple primary entrance matting system, the specification provides a substantial walk-off area.

    With 19,550mm wide entrance matting, entry through the main portico doors ensures nearly 10,000mm of walk-off in either direction. While the adjacent pass doors are protected by entrance matting that measures 3629mm front-to-back.

    This substantial walk-off area exceeds the BS7953: 1999 minimum of 2100mmm (designed to accommodate a single wheelchair wheel revolution). It also exceeds the WELL standard recommendation of 3000mm for creating a healthy entrance.

    At the rear entrance, the barrier matting stretches the full 5510mm width of the corridor. The revolving door and further 2587mm of walk-off ensure additional steps on the matting to keep floors slip-free.

    Clean, Simple Design

    Clear anodised INTRAflex XT entrance matting profiles, combined with Anthracite fibre is a classic look favoured by many clients.

    Manufactured in oversize panels, the dividing t-bar profiles perfectly align with the wall junctions.

    As well as providing a clean aesthetic, this also ensures the primary traffic zones are free of joins.

    Sustainability at Manchester Metropolitan University

    As one of the UK’s greenest universities, according to the People and Planet University League, a sustainable specification was essential for Manchester Metropolitan University.

    Recycled and recyclable aluminium profiles, combined with 100% Econyl regenerated nylon fibres provide a truly sustainable specification.

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    INTRAflex XT

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