Entrance Matting occupies a prime space in every building. It is the very first impression and last connection that every visitor makes with the location.

At INTRAsystems we believe in getting creative with entrance matting and using the vital space it occupies to mesmerise every visitor – but that doesn’t mean compromising on performance.

A key factor in performance is the actual size of your entrance barrier matting. So, what size does your entrance matting need to be to provide an effective barrier?

Why Does Entrance Matting Size Matter?

People may stop to wipe their feet at home, but how many people do this at a public building, shopping centre or any reception areas, the answer is probably ‘not many’!

As visitors rarely stop to wipe their feet in a commercial environment, sizing is critical – every extra step on the entrance matting will further reduce the ingress of soil and moisture.

Entrance Matting Legislation

Every entrance is different, and therefore the combination of size, shape and recommended products will vary dependant on several factors including location, volume and type of traffic. However, it is recommended that entrance matting should cover the full width of the entrance, and typically extend a minimum of 1m beyond the doors either side or a greater distance if traffic is likely to naturally flow across the typical traffic direction e.g. if the reception desk or lift lobby is positioned to one side of the entrance.

The ‘Front to Back’ (traffic direction) dimension of a mat, however, needs a little more consideration and will be heavily influenced by the location and the volume and type of traffic.

As a guide, BS 7953:1999 recommends a minimum of 2.1m, however, the WELL standard recommends a minimum of 3m in low traffic areas, and up to 10m for optimum performance in the highest traffic areas such as major stations, stadiums and airports.

Learn More About Entrance Matting Specification

We offer high-quality RIBA assessed and approved CPD material and informal briefing sessions to show you how to specify entrance matting that will complement and enhance your building design without compromising on performance.

Find out everything you need to know about specifying functional and creative entrance matting for your next project:

  • Discuss specific project issues and ideas with your expert presenter
  • Discover entrance matting – different types, functions and benefits
  • Understand sizing and the zonal system
  • Explore legislation and sustainability standards
  • Understand performance ratings and lifecycles
  • Discover design possibilities and latest product innovation


To find out more or book a session visit our Entrance Matting CPD page