• Entrance Matting System At Yotel, Glasgow


    SystemINTRAgrille XT & INTRAdisc
    SpecificationStainless steel finish with INTRAlux Elite inserts in Grey 606
    ArchitectMosaic Architecture + Design

    High-tech Finish

    This cutting-edge hotel entrance mat design at Yotel Glasgow, uses a combination of INTRAdisc and INTRAgrille XT for a high-tech finish.

    Originally developed in the 1980s, the transformation of Westergate House by Mosaic Architecture + Design brings this prominent vacant property back to life, with the creation of Yotel’s 256 guest ‘cabins’, plus Glasgow’s first destination rooftop bar with bowling alley.

    Yotel’s signature design and technology-driven hospitality offering grace only the most exciting cities in the world, including London, New York and Singapore.

    Glasgow is the latest addition to the portfolio – and the 2nd Yotel to open in Scotland during 2020.

    hotel entrance mat design compliments the space at Yotel Glasgow

    Cutting Edge Entrance Mat Design

    The hotel entrance mat design at Yotel Glasgow uses the highest quality INTRAgrille XT stainless steel entrance matting within the two revolving doors.

    420 INTRAdisc stainless steel entrance matting discs with flange are also set into the floor in a scatter formation to complement the sleek reception design.

    To help realise this unique entrance mat design our experts worked closely with the architect to ensure sufficient spacing and density of the discs. The end result is a stunning yet functional addition to the reception space.

    Stunning hotel entrance mat design at Yotel Glasgow

    Product Specification

    INTRAgrille XT is a premium entrance matting system manufactured from 316 stainless steel. The 316 grade of stainless steel includes molybdenum to improve resistance to corrosion. This is an essential consideration in these semi-open revolving doors which have a limited canopy for protection from the elements.

    The multiple stainless steel wipers bars within INTRAgrille XT combine with the INTRAlux Elite fibre in Grey 606 at Yotel, Glasgow, to provide a premium aesthetic and superb performance.

    Made from 100% Econyl, INTRAlux Elite offers a superior pile weight and tufting, providing 5.4 litres of moisture absorption per square metre.

    The revolving doors help ensure enough steps on this highly absorbent matting to adequately remove dirt and moisture from footwear. This, along with the low slip concrete flooring with epoxy finish, maintains guest safety.

    The lesser-used pass doors are then serviced with a stunning configuration of INTRAdisc set into the concrete floor. For design continuity, these are also manufactured from 316 stainless steel and inset with matching INTRAlux Elite fibre.

    Design Inspiration

    To create an entrance mat design feature in your building, explore our exclusive range of design-led products today.

    Including our innovative INTRAdisc matting in 3 standard sizes and finishes, our pioneering INTRAshape entrance matting tiles in five tessellating shapes and our multicoloured INTRAbrush matting solutions.

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