A superb example of engineered stainless steel. This versatile product offers a wide range of design options for applications where only the best will suffice.

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INTRAgrille XT Features

  • Architectural Stainless Steel floor Grilles
  • Range of high quality fibre inserts
  • Outstanding Visual Appearance
  • Suitable for heavy duty/High traffic areas
  • Optimum dirt and moisture removal
  • Heel proof open construction
  • DDA compliant and suitable for wheelchair access
A 14mm
B 16.5mm
C 21mm Profile
D 6mm Module
1 Finished Floor surface
2 Recessed matwell frame
3 Levelling latex to matwell base
4 Screed sub-floor
5 Screw fixings



Product Reference INTRAgrille XT Stainless Steel Grille Entrance Matting
Strength Rating High – suitable for areas with high foot and wheeled traffic
Zonal Location Zone 2 inserts for internal areas
Surface mounted applications with use of ramped edging
Construction Premium stainless steel profile.
Heel Proof Open Construction – allows dirt and
moisture to fall through into the matwell below
Profile: INTG42
Slot: 3MM
Insert width: 21mm
Support: 10x3MM
TQ: 70 w
Typical Application High Traffic locations such as Public Buildings, Commercial Offices, travel termini etc
Design Options Wide range of design options available
Weight 23.4kg/m2
Matwell Framing INT019
Slip Rating Will vary with insert, in excess of PTV 38
Warranty 10 years
Sustainability 100% stainless steel. All inserts recyclable/re-usable
100% Econyl Fibre (Premier and Elite)


INTRAlux Elite Polyamide

INTRAlux Premier Polymide

INTRAlux Select

INTRAlux Linear Polypropylene

Typical Specification:

N10 General Fixtures / Furnishings / Equipment, 300 Entrance Matting


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T: +44(0)1425 472000 F: +44(0)1425 481981
E: info@intrasystems.co.uk

Product Reference:

INTRAgrille XT Stainless Steel Grille Entrance Matting

Product Description:

Open Construction
With following inserts: Polypropylene Ribbed Fibre (colour) / Polyamide Fibre (colour) or combination of inserts
Installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions