• Commercial Entrance Matting At One Bartholomew


    SystemINTRAgrille Stainless Steel Grilles
    TRI ProfileT3465
    Support Profile15 x 3mm
    Slow Opening4mm
    Support Pitch70mm
    Overall Grille Height20mm
    FinishPickled and Passivated
    ArchitectSheppard Robson

    Beautifully Designed

    One Bartholomew is a beautifully designed, highly advanced building in the heart of London – an anchor point for the Barts Square masterplan, which is home to approximately 236 residential units, 20,000 sq ft of retail and 258,000 sq ft of office space.

    The building is distinctly modern in both form and materiality. Its use of metal screens and floor-to-ceiling glazing both reflects and embraces the scale of the modern city of London.

    Designed to meet the latest environmental performance requirements and to achieve BREEAM 2014 Excellent rating, the project uses INTRAgrille architectural grilles as the coverings for drainage systems and internal trenches.

    On the ground floor INTRAgrille is used to create stunning linear trench covers, working harmoniously with the entrance matting and flooring beyond.

    On levels ten and twelve INTRAgrille is used to mask drainage trenches, creating a highly functional design feature.

    Manufactured from the highest quality Stainless Steel, the ‘Pickled and Passivated’ finish increases resistance to chemical agents and passivity to weather conditions and smooths out scratches and sharp edges for an improved appearance.

    INTRAgrille can also be shot peened, electropolished and powder coated to meet your requirements.

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    INTRAgrille stainless steel grilles

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