A superb example of engineered stainless steel. With a striking linear appearance, this versatile product provides a stunning architectural finish for applications where only the best will suffice.

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INTRAgrille Features

  • Architectural recessed stainless steel floor grilles
  • Outstanding visual appearance
  • Suitable for an extensive range of applications, including:
  • Ventilation/service trench covers
  • Interior and exterior drainage covers
  • Walkways & Stairtreads
  • Decorative Cladding/wall features
  • Lighting covers
  • Bespoke manufactured – unlimited variables on profile size/design, support profile, and profile spacing
  • Radial & tubular designs possible to suit curved/bespoke applications
A Grid width with supporting frame
B Width of the opening
C Matwell / Air Conditioning/
Lighting Void
D 3mm fixing plate
E Location fixing bolt
F  Can be fixed horizontally or vertically (floor – wall)


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A Triangular profiles";
Profile Width Height Weight
18S 1.5mm 2.5mm 20g/m
22S 1.8mm 3.7mm 35g/m
28S 2.2mm 4.5mm 53g/m
40A 3.0mm 6.0mm 79g/m
42S 3.4mm 6.8mm 121g/m
B Support profiles
Profile Width Height Weight
Q35 3mm 5mm 95g/m
Q53 5mm 3mm 95g/m
10 x 3 3mm 10mm 210g/m
25 x 3 3mm 25mm 558g/m
35 x 3 3mm 35mm 793g/m
Some typical constructions
ATriangular Profiles BSupport Profiles CSlot Opening DPitch Support Profiles Maximum Dimension
18S Q35 1.8mm 90mm 1500mm x 1500mm
22S 10 x 3 2.2mm 90mm 2900mm x 3000mm
28S 10 x 3 6.0mm 90mm 2900mm x 3000 mm
40A 10 x 3 3.0mm 70mm 2900mm x 3000 mm
42S 25 x 3 3.4mm 50mm 2900mm x 3000 mm
Standard Stainless Steel allow grades: 304 & 316L


Product Reference INTRAgrille Architectural Stainless Steel Grille
Typical Specification Varies on application
Product Description INTRAgrille Stainless Steel Grille, alloy grade (specify)Top Triangular Profile size/design (specify)Support Profile size/design (specify)Slot Opening (specify)Pitch Support Profiles: (specify)Installation in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


Intragrille mat cutout

Typical Specification:

Varies on application


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Product Reference:

INTRAgrille Architectural Stainless Steel Grille

Product Description:

INTRAgrille Stainless Steel Grille, alloy grade (specify). Top Triangular Profile size/design (specify) Support Profile size/design: (specify) Slot Opening: (specify) Pitch Support Profiles: (specify)
Installation in accordance with
manufacturer’s instructions