• shoppers walking over entrance mattign inset with The Lexicon logo in green

    High-Performance Entrance Matting At The Lexicon


    SpecificationMedium Rectangle tiles with INTRAlux Select Grey 73 and Medium Slim Rectangles with ribbed rubber inserts. Inset with logo in lime 697 fibre
    ArchitectPiper Whitlock Architecture

    A Leading Shopping Destination

    The Lexicon, in Bracknell, is Berkshire’s leading shopping destination. By using their vibrant green logo within the entrance matting design, The Lexicon creates a memorable first impression on shoppers.

    The centre was created as part of a major regeneration scheme for the town, including a refurbishment of the city centre’s existing high street shops.

    Designed to attract new retailers to the area, the Lexicon provides a social and cultural centre for the town, offering three landscaped town squares alongside a range of quality shops and restaurants.

    High-Performance Design

    With physical retail outlets battling against the lure of online shopping, creating a strong brand is crucial to position the centre as a key shopping destination.

    By incorporating its distinctive green logo within the entrance matting, The Lexicon immediately communicates its brand to shoppers.

    The six entrance points into the centre use the Medium Rectangle INTRAshape entrance matting tiles with INTRAlux Select Grey 73 fibre and Medium Slim Rectangle tiles with ribbed rubber.

    The two main entrance mats at the centre are also inset with the Lexicon logo in ribbed Lime 697 fibre.

    With entrances that are regularly open to the elements, moisture absorption is a key factor in the specification.

    The soft, solid grey pile of INTRAlux Select is the perfect choice for this location and design. It provides a crisp edge for the ribbed green fibre and can absorb 6.6 litres of moisture per m².

    The alternating rubber strips within the matting provide a bold design detail but also scrape away dirt and particles from footwear and wheels where they can be held within the fibre. Whilst the large areas of absorbent INTRAlux Select fibre within the INTRAshape Medium Rectangle tile delivers maximum moisture retention.

    By incorporating rubber strips, the entrance mat design provides dual scraping and moisture absorption. This mimics a more complex zonal system, but all within a single mat.

    INTRAshape entrance matting inset with logo

    Size Matters

    To withstand the heavy foot traffic experienced in such a busy retail destination, it is also essential to specify enough walk off area. This is essential for health and safety. The more steps on the mat, the more dirt and moisture can be removed.

    Measuring 6110mm front-to-back, the main entrance into the centre more than exceeds basic WELL guidance and the BS 7953 recommended minimum.

    Each of the entrance mats at the car park levels are a little less conspicuous than the main entrances. Omitting the logo, they also combine INTRAlux Select fibre and ribbed rubber strips. Again providing dual-action functionality within a single mat.

    With such a robust entrance matting system in place, The Lexicon presents a clean, safe and on-brand experience for visitors.

    Entrance matting is one of the first and last touchpoints with a building. Incorporating your brand is a great way to maximise the value of this essential product.

    The Medium Rectangle and Medium Slim Rectangle tiles featured at The Lexicon are just two of the tile formats available in the INTRAshape range. Tiles come in 5 tessellating shapes and a variety of sizes to create endless unique entrance mat designs.

    To find out more, download the INTRAshape brochure or read our blog, ‘How to Stand Out in the Retail Crowd’.


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