Foot traffic is critical to the success of retail but how do you stand out in an exceedingly competitive marketplace?

According to the Retail Dive Consumer Survey, only 18% of shoppers go in because of the in-store experience and a staggering 66% of shoppers say they go just to try the item before buying online.

If retail stores are to stand the test of growing e-Commerce, they must provide a stronger proposition with a unique shopping experience that online stores just cannot provide.

Creating a strong first impression will play a big role. Your signage and window displays are obviously key, but Entrance Matting also has the power to enhance aesthetics and draw in customers.

In the flooring industry, geometry and shapes have long been used to create exciting designs, but Entrance Matting has often fallen behind in terms of aesthetics to prioritise practicality.

With five exciting geometric shapes in our INTRAshape range and our entire INTRAlux fibre range at your disposal, you can create rhythm, movement and perspective to completely transform your entrance.

Using a mixture of tessellating shapes with coloured fibre inserts, INTRAshape offers infinite design permutations and the simple tile format makes it incredibly simple to install and replace.

From brick and herringbone patterns to 3d cube effects, the possibilities are endless. Download the Brochure for even more design inspiration.

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