• Heavy-Duty Entrance Matting at INTU Lakeside


    SpecificationCombination of plain tiles and mixed orange and anthracite fibre tiles
    LocationGrays, Essex

    Key considerations

    INTU Lakeside, in the heart of Essex, is the UK’s first retail and leisure resort. The recent expansion takes the centre to 1.6 million sq ft and is set to increase footfall by more than 2 million p/a.

    To match our previous installations at INTU Lakeside, three new entrances now utilise our INTRAlink entrance matting system.

    Multiple entrances, heavy footfall and multi-directional traffic are some key considerations when specifying entrance matting for shopping centres.

    A Practical and Cost-Effective Solution

    INTRAlink entrance matting is an ideal option for busy shopping centres and retail environments. The heavy-duty interlocking tiles are a cost-effective system designed for high traffic locations. The tough PVC tiles are hardwearing yet flexible. Their innovative design allows the tiles to be rolled without stressing the connectors. This means you can roll away the entrance mat for cleaning, without the risk of damaging the mat.

    Easy to transport and store, the INTRAlink system comes packaged in cases of 20 tiles, that cover an area of 1.06 sqm. Individual tiles measure 395mm x 135mm and simply click together, so you can replace damaged or worn sections as needed.

    Entrance Matting on Brand

    The entrance mat at INTU Lakeside uses both plain black PVC tiles and fibre tiles with a combination of anthracite and orange fibre inserts.

    The orange fibre stripes bring in the INTU Group brand to create a striking design feature. These absorbent fibre strips combine with scraper sections to remove dirt and moisture from footwear and wheels to ensure a safe and slip-free surface beyond.

    The plain PVC tiles provide exceptional durability and are suitable for both zone 1 (outside) and zone 2 locations. They are ideal for entrances that are often exposed to the elements, providing superior scraping action at the threshold to remove excess water and dirt. They can also create a decorative edge or feature in larger entrance mat designs.


    INTRAlink entrance matting is available in both standard and low-profile formats – even without a mat well recess you can still specify the system using a ramp edged trim.

    The PVC construction is also compatible with security tag systems, making a great option for retail.

    To find out more about INTRAlink entrance matting, request a free sample today or scroll down to see more shopping centre case studies.


    A heavy duty modular interlocking tile system, offering exceptional durability. It is flexible, robust and …