• Entrance Matting Systems For Mercedes-Benz Hemel Hempstead


    SystemINTRAform Low Profile
    SpecificationBlack Anodised with INTRAlux Elite Anthracite 607 Fibre Insert
    LocationHemel Hempstead

    Harmonious Design

    Following a major refurbishment, Mercedes-Benz Hemel Hempstead has reopened its doors. Now housing a full after sales facility, the site offers 11 ramps, MOT testing, tyre fitting, smart repairs, plus a brand-new showroom and a forecourt that can display over 100 cars. What role does Entrance Matting play in this facility? Read more.

    As a household name in luxury motoring that aspires to deliver the best in terms of product, technology and services, the customer experience is paramount.

    By considering the highly functional entrance matting system as part of the overall interior design scheme, the Mercedes-Benz brand experience starts the moment the client walks through the door.

    Black anodised INTRAform Low Profile paired with anthracite INTRAlux Elite fibre inserts perfectly reflects the sleek Mercedes styling and works in harmony with the interior finishes.

    The curved matwell blends seamlessly into the smooth black flooring beyond, guiding visitors to the welcome station, while ensuring enough walk off area to keep the internal flooring clean and safe.

    Mercedes-Benz Hemel Hempstead perfectly showcases how entrance matting can be specified to work harmoniously with your design rather than just being a functional necessity.

    To discuss an entrance matting system that will enhance your building design contact the team today or request a FREE sample to see the Mercedes-Benz specification for yourself.

    INTRAform Low Profile

    Excellent for all areas with restricted matwell recesses or surface mounted applications – offering all …