• Entrance Of Nandos Restaurant in South Aylesford

    Entrance Matting Installation at Nandos South Aylesford


    SystemINTRAform DM
    SpecificationGrey Anodised with Black 608 and Anthracite 607 inserts in Herringbone Design
    LocationSouth Aylesford
    Interior DesignerHarrison Design

    Nando’s History

    3,218 sq ft space at South Aylesford Retail Park in Maidstone has been occupied by an international casual dining restaurant chain Nando’s. Founded in 1987, Nando’s operates in about 1,000 outlets in 30 countries.

    The restaurant chain built its offbeat reputation through a mix of PR and social media efforts that have progressively put young Britons at the heart of their campaigns. Their quirky interior designs are a driving factor in generating more footfall, and their use of striking entrance mat designs ensures visitors are surrounded in their brand from their first step through the doors.

    Entrance Of Nandos Restaurant in South Aylesford

    The Growth in Footfall

    The ‘fast casual’ restaurant, of which Nando’s is perhaps the leading example, is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the food industry. It is well-publicised as the dining option of choice for numerous actors, footballers and home-grown rap singers and many more, with a reported 800,000 people eating at Nando’s in the UK every week!

    INTRAform Nandoa Aylesford

    How to Keep People Safe

    With such a high number of diners and high table turnover, keeping floors safe starts with the entrance matting. Effective entrance matting significantly reduces the ingress of soil and moisture to minimise the risk of slips. This also reduces the damage to internal flooring and extends the lifespan of your interiors, therefore minimising long-term costs.

    Close up of Black entrance Matting at Nando's Restaurant

    What system did Nandos choose?

    Nandos chose INTRAform Double Module entrance matting to provide an effective and creative entrance matting system to complement the striking interior design at their South Aylesford branch. The extra-wide fibre inserts provide superior moisture absorption which is perfect for busy entryways that are often open to the elements. The aluminium planks use alternating anthracite and black fibre, laid in a stunning herringbone design to echo the external paving and wall graphics.

    Ben Askew, General Manager at INTRAsystems said this is a “truly stunning design of Entrance Mating – one that fits perfectly with Nando’s South Aylesford linear design”

    If you need a bespoke Entrance Matting Solution, contact our dedicated sales team on 01425 472000 or email us on info@intrasystems.co.uk to see how we can help – or view our entrance matting gallery for more inspiration.

    Inside of Nando's Restaurant

    INTRAform DM

    Heavy-duty aluminium entrance matting with extra-wide fibre inserts for optimum moisture absorption in high traffic …