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    SystemINTRAlink & INTRAform DM

    Easy to clean and maintain

    Voted as the best department store in the world, the flagship Selfridges store in Oxford Street is a landmark for London. With a footfall of over 20m per year, keeping the building clean is a mammoth task! We have installed our INTRAlink and INTRAform DM Heavy Duty Entrance Matting to various entrances around the building, and are working on a rolling programme for replacement of all worn entrance matting systems ongoing. In the retail sector particularly, it is critical that the entrance matting not only performs to a high standard, but that it is also easy to clean and maintain. With a constant flow of traffic throughout the day, staff have little time to perform lengthy cleaning routines.

    Close Up of INTRAform DM at a London department store entrance

    INTRAform DM

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