• Zonal Entrance Matting at 338 Euston Road


    SystemINTRAform DM
    SpecificationClear anodised with INTRAlux Elite fibre inserts in grey 606 and multi-directional rubber inserts externally
    ArchitectNex Architecture

    With all-glass revolving doors, and vast glazing panels, the entrance matting at 338 Euston Road appears to flow seamlessly from inside to out.

    Encompassing the angled and recessed doorway, the external matwell continues the line of the interior mat to square.

    This interesting combination of internal and external matting creates a highly practical design feature.

    Zonal Entrance Matting

    Zonal entrance matting system

    Using INTRAform DM with differing inserts in the internal and external zones, the architect has created a two-stage zonal system.

    In zone 1 (external), the matting is inset with multidirectional rubber which scrapes away excess dirt and moisture from footwear and wheels.

    With the entrance on the corner of the building, the flexible rubber fins ensure performance, whichever the direction of approach.

    In the primary mat, (zone 2, internal), the profiles are inset with highly absorbent INTRAlux Elite polyamide fibre. These inserts remove and retain any remaining dirt and moisture to ensure a safe and slip-free entrance. With the revolving door sheltered within the recess, the matting here is also inset with fibre.

    Made from 100% Econyl regenerated nylon fibre and capable of absorbing 5.4l/m2, INTRAlux Elite is both a practical and sustainable choice.

    Minimal design, maximum impact

    By using a single entrance matting system, the architect has maximised the impact of their design.

    The continuation of the aluminium profiles from inside to out minimises visual disturbance for a simple aesthetic. The INTRAlux Elite fibre in Grey 606 matches tonally with the multidirectional rubber. The oversized entrance matting panels lessen the use of diving t-bars. While the positioning of the t-bars has been carefully planned to align with the threshold.

    Along with the glazed façade, these elements help maximise the impact of the architect’s design, to create a stunning entrance.

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    INTRAform DM

    Heavy-duty aluminium entrance matting with extra-wide fibre inserts for optimum moisture absorption in high traffic …