We’ve finally come to the end of our #GetOnYourFeet competition with the chance to win a Fitbit Charge 2 and it’s been amazing to see so many people up and on their feet at work!

We understand that working all day, especially in an office, makes it incredibly hard to get up and active. But, our #GetOnYourFeet campaign aimed to get you away from your desk and moving throughout the day. Getting away from your desk doesn’t mean that your productivity levels will be reduced; in fact, research has suggested that taking regular short breaks throughout the day can actually improve productivity as you are more likely to approach your day with a new burst of energy and improved motivation.

We’ve had so many entries to our competition, and it appears that there are so many of you who have managed to find the time to get active at work. Entries have ranged from going for walks at lunchtime to taking the stairs instead of the lift; it’s been great to see the variety of methods people are using to stay fit. These are just a few of our favourite entries throughout the competition:

Congratulations, we hope you enjoy your new Fitbit Charge 2 and continue to keep active at work!

Thank you to everyone who has entered our competition, it’s been amazing to see how many of you have got involved to stay fit and active at work. Make sure you keep up to date with our Facebook and Twitter page so you don’t miss out on any of our latest news and updates.