It’s now even easier to specify INTRAsystems entrance matting, with three of our flagship products now available on bimstore!

Launched in 2011, bimstore creates and distributes free BIM content in all formats including Autodesk Revit, Archicad, Bentley and IFC.

“We are delighted to have worked closely with INTRAsystems to create BIM content that is as close to the real-life product as possible. This not only adds value to the designers using the content but sets a precedent in the creation of entrance mat systems across the board.

We hope to continue this relationship further by adding more products to their available range of content and offering high quality entrance matting components to our community on bimstore.”  – Connor Laing, Senior Content Specialist, bimstore

INTRAsystems is committed to the sustainable operation and development of the business and is continually seeking better ways to control and minimise environmental impact. BIM objects are central to this philosophy.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) can significantly de-risk a project and reduce waste and construction costs by allowing all design data to be organised in one place rather than through separate drawings.

Image of INTRAflex XT Entrance Matting at 112 Old Street

Using BIM helps improves planning by allowing your team to resolve any conflicts and issues before they arise. Being able to visualise the completed project at the very earliest stages of design also helps improve collaboration across the teams, ensuring seamless integration at every stage of the process.

According to the 2018 National BIM report, BIM usage increased 12% compared to the previous year, with two thirds of those surveyed ‘aware and using’, with 82% agreeing that BIM is the future of the design process.

Image of INTRAform DM Entrance Matting at 20 Fenchurch Street

Visit bimstore today to download objects for your next project and connect with the team.

Further BIM objects, CAD cross sections and full NBS specs are also available  to download  directly on our product pages. You can also find our complete range of BIM objects in the National BIM Library

Image of INTRAflow Entrance Matting at National Automotive Innovation Centre