What Size Should my Entrance Matting be?

Making the right entrance matting choice is important. Having the right size of matting when installing is even more paramount, as it can mean the difference between a hazardous entrance and a clean and safe one. Therefore, to ensure the safety of everyone in the premises a personalised and a highly bespoke solution is required. But how?

At INTRAsystems we believe we have the perfect solution! By creating a zonal system, the most important elements of an entrance are protected. Zone one, for example, is exterior, Zone two and three are both interior. Using the Intramatting Zonal system is a proven way to combat dirt and moisture at the door. If it’s a new building and a recessed matwell is planned, then it is helpful for an architect to consider the size and factor the required length into the initial design.

Why does size matter?

People may stop to wipe their feet at home, but how many people do this at a public building, shopping centre or any reception areas, the answer is probably ‘not many’! That’s why having a ‘spill off area’ which is long enough to accommodate all traffic is imperative. As few as 150 people entering a facility can track almost half a kilo of dirt in a 5-day work week – costing over £30,000 annually to remove based on research by 3M. Matting should, therefore, cover the full width of an entrance, providing an effective barrier to all foot borne soil and moisture. Matting should typically extend approx. 1m beyond the entrance doors either side or a greater distance if traffic is likely to naturally flow across the traffic direction. In the direction of the traffic flow a minimum of 3m is recommended in low traffic areas and between 6 – 10m for optimum performance in the highest traffic areas.

There are three main factors that will dictate the size of the matting; the volume of traffic, the type of traffic and the type of environment it is being installed in. INTRAsystems products have been designed to function to the standards of BS7953: 1999 Entrance Flooring Systems. As a result, our products carry many benefits such as:

  • Reducing the ingress of soil and moisture into a building.
  • Reducing the number of slipping accidents by decreasing the amount of moisture trafficked into hard and resilient floors.
  • Prolonging the life of interior floor finishes by reducing the entrance of abrasive soil being trafficked into the building.
  • Finally reducing the cleaning and maintenance costs of the internal floors.



Having industry and product knowledge along with a zonal system and the right size entrance mat can help maintain the safety and aesthetic of your entrance. Our team of Entrance Matting specialists can give any further advice on this subject, and assist you with any specific enquiries you may have. Contact us on 01425 472000 or why not book our RIBA-approved CPD on Entrance Matting to learn more?