• Image of Entrance Matting at a London Cinema

    Entrance Matting At Odeon Leicester Square


    SystemINTRAform Low Profile
    SpecificationBronze Anodised with INTRAlux Elite Black 608, Anthracite 607, Grey 606, Turquoise 610 and Blue 602 fibre inserts
    Matting Design20.20 Limited
    ArchitectEllis Williams Architects

    Beautiful and highly functional

    After an 11-month refurbishment, Odeon Luxe Leicester Square has reopened its doors as the UK’s first Dolby cinema.

    Featuring a brand-new state-of-the-art 800 seat main screen with dual-laser projection and Dolby Atmos speakers, the cinema offers the ultimate immersive experience.

    The team behind the project have successfully blended the glamour of the original art deco building with modern innovative cinema technology.

    This has helped create a truly unique visitor experience.

    The challenge for such a location is to provide a reception area with a high level of aesthetic design in-keeping with the building’s heritage, whilst being highly functional.

    Bronze anodised INTRAform Low Profile combined with graduating tones of grey and blue INTRAlux Elite in a stunning chevron design creates a striking first impression and echoes the building’s art deco features.

    With smooth marble flooring beyond the matwell, this robust Entrance Matting system creates a beautiful and highly functional solution for Odeon Luxe Leicester Square, ensuring the safety of the many cinema goers through its doors.

    At INTRAsystems, Entrance Matting can be a design feature not a design compromise.

    To discuss how our entrance matting systems can enhance your building design contact the team today.

    Image showing the Chevron Design Entrance Matting at Odeon Leicester Square

    INTRAform Low Profile

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