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    SystemINTRAform DM Modular
    SpecificationElite Polyamide 608 Inserts

    Hampton by Hilton

    Hampton by Hilton, formerly known as Hampton Inn, is a brand of hotels trademarked by Hilton Worldwide. The Hampton hotel brand is a chain of competitively priced hotels with excellent food and beverage facilities. Most Hampton hotels are independently owned and operated by franchisees, though a few are owned and/or managed by Hilton Worldwide. Hampton by Hilton is one of the largest hotel franchises in the U.S. and has spread its global footprint to 16 other countries. The Hampton franchise now includes more than 2,000 hotels


    The Bournemouth branch decided to install entrance matting to help reduce the ingress of soil and moisture in their hotels. Entrance matting is one product that has played a pivotal role in keeping facilities clean and safe, yet most people walk past it without realising it. Keeping the hotel premises safe and accident-free is paramount, entrance matting can not only ensure this but also help keep the facilities looking at their finest. Hampton by Hilton is one brand where looks matter the most. Hilton uses INTRAform DM Modular which offers a brick pattern effect. The system not only looks aesthetically pleasing but forms the perfect barrier against dirt and moisture.

    Product Information

    INTRAform DM Modular is a heavy-duty interlocking aluminium tile system, offering optimum moisture absorption from extra width fibre inserts. The interlocking sections are easy to transport, store and install for a modern design aesthetic. This entrance matting system is compatible with the standard INTRAform system, is fully DDA compliant, and is produced from 100% recycled aluminium.

    For Hilton, the Elite Polyamide 608 Insert was used. This insert has several benefits such as its 1080g/m² pile weight for optimum durability and comfort. Polyamide fibres are also known for effective moisture absorption, capable of holding almost 5.4L/m². It is made from 100% recycled Econyl yarn for excellent environmental credentials. The system can be surface mounted and has excellent fire resistance and acoustic absorption.

    INTRAform DM Modular

    Aluminium modular tile system for creative entrance design. Available with a full range of rubber …