• One Great Cumberland Place


    SpecifierAlford Hall Monaghan Morris
    SystemRecessed Aluminium Entrance Matting
    SpecificationINTRAflex XT with Waterlogic drainable system, and Ultimate 907 Anthracite fibre inserts
    Location1-4 Marble Arch
    Flooring ContractorLW Flooring

    Keeping Water In Its Place

    One Great Cumberland Place is 5,511m2 of high-grade office and retail space, over eight floors, behind an Art Deco façade. Each of the three entrances receives hundreds of pounding feet every day. The design ambitions here were to maintain and enhance the historic elements; the curved draft lobby, original hardwood, brass details, and marble floors.

    Water and dirt collection was the major challenge for all entrances. But, in particular, a dedicated entrance leading to 121 bicycle lockers housed in the basement!

    We’ve worked with Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) on several projects, so they knew INTRAsystems’ premium Entrance Matting products would be up to the task.

    Combination Inserts Deliver With Efficiency

    In a busy location with so much coming and going, performance, serviceability and longevity were key. AHMM opted for alternating inserts of INTRAlux® Ultimate 907 Anthracite fibres and Ribbed Rubber.

    This premium Entrance Mattting combination can withstand heavy wear from bicycle tyres, and remove more debris than fibre alone while the INTRAlux® Ultimate inserts offer market-leading moisture absorbency.

    The Unbeatable Duo of Durability and Luxury in Entrance Matting

    The innovative composition of our Ultimate fibre draws off three times more moisture than traditional fibres. And the 900g/m2 density enables faster moisture evaporation, even in busy areas.

    INTRAflex XT is a popular design choice for outstanding performance, consistency, and adaptability. This open construction variant easily draws off debris and water brought in from the busy London streets while the tough aluminium frame comes with a 10-year warranty and a choice of three finishes. The black anodised finish chosen here is stylish and inconspicuous.

    Hidden Depths in the Challenging Cycle Corridor

    The cycle entrance corridor is 7m x 2.2m, especially designed to welcome heavy bicycle traffic heading down to the subterranean lockers.

    Wall-to-wall Entrance Matting runs along the stretch with our unique INTRAmatting Waterlogic drainable system mounted underneath. This 80mm deep tray sits on a screed base and holds up to 75 litres of water per m², perfect to collect water run-off or direct water contact.

    It’s a great hack for this location, since the doors are open to the elements for longer to allow riders to enter and exit the building. The engineered gradient helps to collect dirt and contain or divert water into an optional drainage outlet.

    Easy Entrance Matting Maintenance

    Designed for extreme performance and built to withstand pretty much anything. We’re so confident in Waterlogic’s durability, we provide a 15-year warranty. What’s above the tray is equally industrious. The heavy-duty INTRAflex XT system is removable to aid maintenance. Facilities teams can clear debris without special tools or training, saving time and money for a busy property.

    A Sensitive and Robust Outcome

    AHMM maintained key architectural features of the Art Deco façade in their design scheme. Features like the curved draft lobby, wooden detailing, brass thresholds, and marble floors and motifs.

    INTRAsystems’ products enabled the installers, LW Flooring, to sensitively and precisely work around them. The entrances contain engineering secrets that deliver exceptional performance to perfectly complement this beautiful building.

    INTRAflex XT

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    INTRAmatting Waterlogic

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