• Building Facade of Opera Terrace, Covent Garden

    Stainless Steel Grilles at the Opera Terrace


    SystemINTRAgrille T5060
    SpecificationSupport Profile: 15 x 3mm Slot Opening: 4mm Pitch position of Support profiles: 70mm Overall depth: 19.5mm
    ArchitectEric Parry Architects

    Durable and Practical

    Modern architects are constantly working to bring buildings to a new level through innovative designs, the materials used, and the features they have. One of those materials is Stainless Steel. This extremely durable and practical material is characterized by high aesthetics and elegance. Our INTRAgrille range offers a strong value proposition to architects looking to design in stainless steel.

    Using INTRAgrille T5060 as drainage covers at this iconic building not only makes an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the stone balustrading but also reduces maintenance requirements as channels remain free of debris.

    Thanks to its highly aesthetic properties INTRAgrille stainless steel grille gains the edge when it comes to internal and external applications. As a result, INTRAgrille T5060 in Stainless Steel grade 316, was specified by the architects as the covering for drainage systems at Opera Terrace.

    T5060 is ideal for floor-mounted applications such as this due to its heavy-duty construction and exceptional load-bearing capability.

    Located at the top of the Grade II listed building and comprising of c. 9,000 sq ft including a balcony, the terrace is uniquely positioned with striking rooftop views across the Piazza. A bold and contemporary renovation of the site will see the existing conservatory replaced with a new design, creating an iconic addition to the Market Building.

    Stainless steel is the perfect choice for this location. Its corrosion resistance, aesthetic appearance, and mechanical properties, make it the ideal choice. It is these characteristics that make INTRAgrille a highly practical option for a multitude of applications such as wall cladding, ceiling grilles, ventilation covers, and much more.

    With INTRAgrille stainless steel grille products you too can create some stunning building features which really stand the test of time. Call us today to discover how INTRAgrille can work for you.

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