Entrance Matting is a very important product that helps keep the ingress of dirt and moisture out and help maintain the safety in the building by preventing slips and trips. But entrance Matting can get dirty it is estimated that an average of 0.58g of soil is brought into the building with every entrant. In order for it to perform at an optimum level Entrance Matting needs to be kept in the best condition possible.

Firstly, Entrance Matting as discussed in our previous blog is installed in various zones. The INTRAmatting Zonal Systems comprises of three zones. Each zone further has different types of matting that is installed in it. For example, Zone one matting is external which means a drainable matwell base is crucial to deal with inclement weather conditions. Zone one matting removes coarse dirt and grit particles prior to entering the building. Zone two on the other hand is Heavy Duty recessed Internal Matting for further dirt and moisture removal, finally, Zone three is Close fitted fibre products to thoroughly remove remaining moisture and prevents its ingress into the building beyond. Each zone plays its part in keeping the internal environments looking aesthetically pleasing. To maintain this, it needs to be cleaned.

For open construction Entrance Matting Systems, which allow the fall-away of moisture and dirt into the matwell recess, the matting should be periodically (quarterly or monthly) lifted out of the matwell base (or rolled away depending on the system) and the base cleaned with a sweep or vacuum cleaner. Any debris caught between the matting channels should be removed and then the matting can be laid back into position. Be sure not to drag the matting, as this could cause damage.

Deeper cleaning of the matting should be carried out periodically (6 – 12 months), which ensures that matting appears and functions optimally. Water extraction cleaning machines should be combined with small volumes of detergent suitable for carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning processes can also be effective. The dry-cleaning product can be brushed into the mat and vacuumed out to remove the dirt.

Chewing gum is a stubborn substance that can become easily ingrained into flooring. This is especially true at shopping centres, retail spaces, office, and educational buildings. To prevent permanent hardening of gum, application of specialist freezing sprays and gels will aid the removal of chewing gum.

Properly maintained entrance matting will improve its longevity. As with all matting, when subject to heavy wheeled traffic (scissor lifts/pallet trucks etc.) it should be suitably protected with plywood boarding. INTRAmatting entrance matting systems have a modular design, which ensures that damages or worn inserts can be replaced or recycled cost effectively.

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