Entrance matting is likely one of the very last things on your long specification list. Perhaps one that gets barely a few keystrokes of description to meet entrance matting legislation and performance standards.

You pour your heart and soul into getting the internal aesthetics just right to win the approval of your client so don’t jeopardise your design by adding a basic performance description to your carefully considered specification.

With the INTRAsystems range of matting and grilles, you can specify an entrance matting system that meets all your performance and sustainability requirements whilst also complimenting your aesthetic.

With curved or anodised profiles, tessellating shapes and an infinite combination of inserts, your entrance mat can transform your reception design and help set the tone for the experience beyond the front doors.

Colour your thinking

Just like choosing light fittings, wall coverings and soft furnishings, entrance matting too can be specified to blend with your reception design or become a key feature within it.

With the wide range of systems and inserts available you don’t have to worry about performance either.

Our fire-rated fibres can be used within all of our aluminium matting  and even the harshest environments can be given a splash of colour with INTRAbrush; Featuring tough, nylon bristles, in a choice of 13 bold colours, the INTRAbrush matting system and inserts will effectively remove coarse dirt particles, snow and even ice from both foot and wheeled traffic. Perfect for entrances used by studded footwear or hiking boots.

For less extreme environments you have our complete range at your disposal including radial, disc and tile options.

Get into shape

Since Roman times architects have experimented with pattern in their flooring designs so why should entrance matting be any different?

From shaped mat wells like that designed by AHMM for the White Collar factory to brick and herringbone patterns to discs and 3D cube effects; the possibilities need only be limited by your creativity.

Our exciting new INTRAshape range opens up even more possibilities with five tessellating shapes that can be combined with coloured fibre to create an entrance matting design totally unique to you and your building. See it in action in our Nandos case study.

Explore the possibilities

The reception is the one space in your building that is experienced by every visitor.

To find out more about the possibilities, performance and specification considerations for entrance matting why not book our free lunch and learn session or RIBA-approved CPD seminar and let us help you bring your designs to life.