INTRAform Drainable has been one of our longest performing Entrance Matting solutions in our product portfolio. It has been installed in some of the top travel termini, commercial offices and some amazing retail stores.

Our product development team has been hard at work in #InnovatingByDesign and developing a new version of this matting system, we are calling it INTRAflow. This Entrance Matting is designed for highly efficient moisture removal and drainage and is ideal for exposed areas with high footfall levels. We are pleased to say INTRAflow has lost none of it’s durable qualities and now it is even more customisable.

This new product is now available in open and closed construction and is compatible with our unique INTRAmatting Waterlogic and Waterflow System. For the first time we are introducing new brush and highly durable rubber inserts. This will make the product perform externally even in inclement weather conditions.

One of the key features of this amazingly versatile product is it’s ability to be easily replaced in the event of damage. This is helped by the aluminium plank system which is interchangeable.

At INTRAsystems we pride on our rapid delivery and speedy manufacturing turnaround. INTRAflow is no exception, this versatile product can be bespoke manufactured to fit any environment and provide optimum drainage, therefore keeping the Entrance clean and aesthetically pleasing.  Watch this space for more update on this exciting product!!