Shapes have been an important part of civilisation for thousands of years. They’ve been used to map out journeys, create extravagant buildings and plot the positions of the stars. But where did shapes, and more specifically geometry, all begin? Geometry means “to measure the earth” and is the science behind the size and shape of things. The importance of geometry, as most things do, only became truly important for financial reasons.

Around 3,000 BC an Egyptian Pharaoh decided he wanted to equate farmers tax by the number of crops they individually raised along the Nile River. To decide how much each farmer should be taxed, the Pharaoh’s workers would have to measure the amount of land they were cultivating – thus, the concept of geometry was born.

From there, the Egyptians created some of the most iconic shapes in history; the Pyramids. This was where geometry and architecture joined hands to build something spectacular, where a square base and triangular faces were combined.

From the magnificent pyramids to the amazing buildings we see today, geometry and shapes have played an essential role in all design processes. When we look at buildings such as The Gherkin, with its eye-catching rounded roof and stunning diamond patterns, or the Shard, a spire-like sculpture erupting from the Thames, the key thing that really sticks out within these designs is the different shapes and patterns used.

In the flooring industry, geometry and shapes have long been used to create exciting designs, but entrance matting has often fallen behind in terms of aesthetics to prioritise practicality. But that is no longer the case! INTRAsystems have long been perfecting the practicality of our products, and we are now in a position to work on the stunning aesthetics which draw the eye and let it linger. Thus, a new product has been born which is as architecturally stunning as the rest of the flooring beyond it.

Geometry and shapes have become so important to modern architecture, and INTRAsystems are keen to ensure we are offering our customers the most innovative design to suit their buildings, which is why we are releasing a new product range, INTRAshape.

By embracing geometrical learnings, we have created an entrance matting which is still just as practical as all our other ranges but has exciting new patterns and shapes. This innovative new design has never been done before and will truly enhance any reception area, leaving a lasting impression on whoever enters the building.