The history of ecommerce dates back to the 1990s with the development of internet security. With an incredibly fast-growing rate, eCommerce has now become the biggest threat to shopping centre footfall in the modern world. For Shopping centre managers, owners, and the shop managers themselves, this means adapting strategies and even utilising online methods to drive footfall and keep the shopping centre experience alive.

What Drives People into Shopping Centres?

To know what drives people into visiting a shopping centre, you need to get into the mind of the consumer. Our latest Whitepaper outlines the findings of a survey of people living in the UK to discover how they feel about the current shopping centre experience, how it compares to the online shopping experience and what can be done to drive footfall in the stores.

During the research phase of this Whitepaper we discovered people’s motivation to go to a shopping centre were categorised into the following; Social Motivation, financial motivation, convenience motivation and aesthetics motivation.

Increasing the footfall in Shopping Centre

Looking at these motivations we can help create a strategy for increased footfall. There are some key areas consumers care most about when it comes to deciding whether to shop online or visit a shopping centre, and by capitalising on these areas, shopping centre managers can start to increase footfall and in turn increase revenue. Our Whitepaper will go in depth on the the findings and highlight these key factors.   

Whilst eCommerce certainly is a threat to shopping centre footfall, shopping centres are by no means down and out and the future holds a lot of opportunities for growth. Read our previous blog on the doom and gloom of shopping centre, to find out more and watch this space on our second whitepaper tiled ‘Shopping Centre Strategies for overcoming eCommerce’