Sustainability is defined as “A process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations” (The World Commission on Environment and Development). Businesses these days have a social responsibility to act towards climate change and do their part towards a cleaner environment. At INTRAsystems we believe that this change should begin at the doorstep, this blog will take you through how.

There is great light on the subject of sustainability as more and more organisations are jumping on the bandwagon, fundamentally they all aspire to make big changes but miss the small ones that can potentially have a big impact.

How does Entrance Matting have a big impact?

Entrance Matting is one of those changes. The lack of Entrance Matting can mean your cleaning expenses are increased. As few as 150 people entering a facility can track almost half a kilo of dirt in a 5-day work week – costing over £30,000 annually to remove! ( All that cleaning takes up a lot of energy and adds to the environmental footprint of the organisation. Entrance Matting as discussed in our previous blogs is responsible for reducing the ingress of dirt and moisture. An effective matting system can not only keep your premises clean but also keep them safe. As a result of installing Entrance Matting the internal flooring is maintained.

In addition however, as manufacturers it is our responsibility that we offer products that are environmentally sound and create the minimum carbon footprint. We at INTRAsystems have an undeviating commitment to act responsibly in care of the environment. Working on key projects throughout the UK and Europe, the company is familiar with all environmental ratings such as BREEAM and WRAP and help clients achieve, and exceed, their sustainability goals.

All production is in accordance with the Waste Management Act, with the goal to ‘reduce production of waste and their harmful effects.’ We use 100% recycled aluminium in our entrance matting frame, and our inserts are Recycled Econyl Elite inserts to minimise environmental impact. Critical processes are continually monitored to ensure minimum negative impact: our Environmental Sustainability Statement sets clear targets for ongoing improvement to ensure the company continues to lead in our increasingly aware society.

First impressions count! A good Entrance Matting system is the first line of defence for dirt and moisture. By installing entrance matting you as a client are doing your part to minimise dirt in the building and cutting your cleaning time, therefore ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. As an added benefit you can be sure that as manufacturers we are doing our part towards this collaborated effort in being more sustainable. A positive impact on the environment will positively impact generations to follow.

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