• Entrance Matting System At Euston Station


    SystemINTRAform DM and INTRAflow Plus with Waterlogic
    SpecificationCombination Multi-Directional Rubber and INTRAlux Premier 130 Black Fibre Inserts

    London’s first inter-city train station

    Euston station officially opened on 20th July 1837, becoming London’s first inter-city train station.

    Designed to connect the capital to the Midlands, the North, and West of the country, the station originally consisted of just a single train shed and two platforms.

    Following several expansions before the end of the 19th century and a complete rebuild in the 1960s, the station now houses 18 platforms, serving over 71 million people each year.

    A Comprehensive Matting System is Required

    With extreme footfall at three separate entrances, maintaining safety and cleanliness is a considerable challenge, requiring a heavy-duty solution and a zonal approach.

    At the main London Underground entrance where foot traffic is exceptionally high, a comprehensive entrance matting system was specified.

    Running the full width of the entrance, an initial 1.5 metres of INTRAflow Plus with multi-directional rubber inserts and a Waterlogic base was installed to remove and retain the worst of the grit and moisture tracked into the building.

    This was followed by 3.5 metres of INTRAform DM with further multi-directional rubber inserts alternating with INTRAlux Premier fibre for dirt removal and moisture absorption.

    To ensure any final dirt and moisture is retained an additional 3 metres of INTRAform DM with INTRAlux Premier fibre inserts was installed, creating a zonal entrance matting system totalling 8 metres in length.

    At the East and West entrances INTRAform DM was installed with a graduating system of inserts consisting of 1 metre of multi-directional rubber, followed by 2.5 metres of combination rubber and INTRAlux Premier fibre inserts, and a final metre of purely fibre inserts.

    Superior Construction and Fire Rating

    Constructed from 100% recycled aluminium the system provides exceptional durability and strength to stand up to the millions of visitors it will service during its lifetime.

    In addition, INTRAlux Premier boasts excellent environmental credentials with the use of 100% recycled Econyl yarn, it is also awarded the Bfl-s1 fire rating, making it ideal for use in travel termini where stringent fire regulations apply.

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