The history of eCommerce dates back to 1970s but it really took of in the 90s with the development of internet securities. This industry is amongst the most popular with the fastest growth rate it is no surprise that eCommerce has also become the biggest threat to shopping centre footfall in the modern world. It is becoming increasingly critical for shopping centre managers to keep pace with the ever-changing world in offering truly strong value proposition for their consumers in order to keep the shopping centre experience alive.

Shopping Centres vs eCommerce

Shopping centres and online retailers have quite a different business model, and both have their pros and cons. For shopping centre managers, the key is to discover and build on the strength of their shopping centres whilst capitalising on the weaknesses of eCommerce. The power of eCommerce lies in the convenience, whether that’s browsing on a phone or scrolling on a computer/tablet the whole purchasing process is simplified. Research suggests that people in the UK are spending on average over two hours per day on their mobile phones shopping, messaging, and checking out social media. Some eCommerce sites such as ‘Like to Know It’ have taken advantage of this pattern and allow users to screenshot a fashion style and then the app finds the clothes to purchase online.

What Drives People into Shopping Centres?

To know what drives people into visiting a shopping centre you need to get into the mindset of the consumer. We conducted a consumer survey of people living in the UK to discover how they feel about the current shopping centre experience. (Detailed report can be found in our FREE whitepaper) The first thing we discovered was that 65% of consumers prefer to shop online, so the managers are already facing an upward struggle. To know why people go to a shopping centre we need to know the motivating factors. For 57% of our respondents’ social activities was one motivating factor, for others having things like ‘in-store’ discounts were another. For some, the ‘try before you buy’ was a factor whilst for others it was a simple aesthetic motivating factor, people who liked the way the shopping centre looked.

At INTRAsystems we know just how important aesthetic appeal is within a shopping centre. We have worked with countless shopping centres such as INTU Derby, Festival Place Basingstoke, West Quay Southampton, Silverburn Glasgow and many to create an entrance that is not only beautiful in design but practical in usability too.

Our latest whitepaper outlines all the ways Shopping Centre Managers can increase footfall in their centres. Why not download today and find out more, or contact our experienced sales team who are always on hand to help enhance your buildings by design on 01425 472000.