With an increased awareness and focus on fire safety post-Grenfell and the changes to Approved Document B, quality, fire-rated entrance matting products have never been more important for your entrance design.

There are a wide variety of entrance matting options available, from specialist fire-resistant systems for the highest risk environments to fire-rated fibres. Here we look at some of the options in more detail:

Superior rated fibre

We offer three ranges of EN 13501:1 BfL-S1 rated fibres, a classification which is cited as having a ’very limited contribution to fire’.

INTRAlux Range Entrance Area High Traffic

INTRAlux Ultima

INTRAlux Premier

INTRAlux Premier

INTRAlux Grafic


The fibres used in these ranges are also made from 100% Econyl, so they are an environmentally conscious choice, perfect for those seeking a BREEAM rating or LEED certification.

Our INTRAlux Select and Elite fibres are rated to the slightly lesser EN 13501:1 Cfl-S1 classification, defined as having a ‘limited contribution to fire’.

The extremely thick, soft pile of INTRAlux Select is capable of absorbing an impressive 6.6l/m²,  while Elite is made from 100% Econyl and comes in a choice of 9 colours.

All our fibre can be used for surface mounted applications or inserted into our range of commercial entrance matting products to suit your design and specification requirements.

Specialist products

In buildings with the most stringent fire regulations, a specialist product such as INTRAform FR (fire resistant) is ideal.

Made from A1-rated (non-combustible) aluminium and multi-directional rubber that has been tested to EN45545 – the European railway standard for fire safety mandatory throughout Europe – INTRAform FR is authorised for use across the London Underground network, including section 12 locations.

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Our range of entrance matting has been designed to offer architects and interior designers’ endless creative possibilities without compromising on performance.

To find out more about product ratings and certifications for your next project contact the team today.