Many new projects work towards environmental certification such as BREEAM, LEED and Passivhaus. Yet, a recent study by Innovate UK still found that 32% of landfill waste comes from the construction and demolition industry.

Despite careful planning, 13% of products delivered to building sites end up in landfill.

With the launch of Architects Declare and the publication of RIBA’s Sustainable Outcomes Guide in 2019, sustainable construction has never been more in focus.

Is Entrance Matting Sustainable?

Entrance matting isn’t eligible for points in any of the environmental certification schemes, but it can support many of the criteria.

Don’t think of it as part of the general flooring package – The right entrance matting specification will support your ‘green’ goals in a variety of ways. Here are 4 key considerations to ensure a sustainable specification:

ONE | Specify the right type

This is your first consideration and will be dependent on the volume and type of traffic your building will host. These factors will also influence the size of your matting.

Using the correct combination of product, inserts and size will ensure you trap all dirt and moisture at the door. This will create a healthy entrance, protect your flooring and extend the lifespan of your interiors. It will also reduce the need for cleaning, thereby minimising the use of chemicals and electricity.

TWO | Check Construction and Lifecycle

Sustainable materials and lifecycle are key considerations for all environmental certifications.

Our entrance mats feature 100% recycled and recyclable aluminium or stainless steel. These are compatible with a wide range of insert options including 100% Econyl regenerated nylon fibre.

Our mats also offer 5-15 years of high-quality performance, reducing the need for regular replacement. Beware of cheap alternatives!

THREE | ISO Standards

Be sure to use an ISO 14001 accredited company. ISO 14001 requires the company to have an effective environmental management system and reduce waste. This means responsible use of resources and less waste.

INTRAsystems is ISO 14001 certified. We manufacture products in the UK to your precise specification, minimising both waste and transport.

FOUR | Get Prescriptive

Rather than a descriptive specification covering the basic performance requirements, a prescriptive specification at the earliest stages of your project will minimise changes which in turn reduces waste.

It also ensures that your chosen supplier isn’t substituted for a less sustainable, cheaper alternative further down the line.

Don’t take our word for it…

From our use of sustainable materials and ISO certified manufacturing processes to our extensive product documentation and BIM files, we work with clients to achieve their sustainability goals, without compromising on design.

Our entrance matting and stainless steel grilles have been specified in environmentally certified projects throughout the UK including the BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ Bloomberg HQ in London.

Learning never stops

To find out more about specifying entrance matting for different projects and environments why not book our Entrance Matting CPD seminar?

The seminar is worth double points within three of the mandatory RIBA CPD core curriculum topics (Design, construction and technology, Health, safety and wellbeing, and Legal, regulatory and compliance) and we’ll even provide lunch.