2019 was the worst year for retailers in 25 years according to The British Retail Consortium (BRC). With a very weak end to the year, total sales fell 0.1% – the first decline recorded since 1995.

The industry also saw job losses, restructuring and more than 9000 store closures according to a report by Deloitte. Mothercare UK, Bonmarche and Links of London all went into administration. While HMV, Arcadia Group and Debenhams announced they are to close stores across the UK.

Convenience vs Experience

The ease and convenience of online shopping are undeniable. The high street simply cannot compete on this level.

Where retail stores can get the edge is by giving customers something that they can’t find online; A memorable experience that extends beyond a simple financial transaction.

Successful stores such as Charlotte Tilbury, Vans and Apple recognise the role experiential store design plays in their survival. Their unique store designs incorporate personalisation, technology and social elements to immerse the shopper in their brand.

Brand experience starts at the door

From your window display to your doorway, this first interaction with your customer sets the tone for the brand experience within.

The humble entrance mat can play a bigger part in this than you might first think. Considering your entrance mat design as part of your store concept will help ensure a seamless brand experience right from the door.

Colour is the most obvious way to incorporate brand. Combine coloured fibre inserts with profiles anodised to any RAL colour to create an entrance mat matched to your brand colours.

Entrance Mating at Churchill Square Shopping Centre

See how Churchill Square Shopping Centre incorporates colour into their entrance barrier matting.


Shaped matwells and pattern can also communicate brand.  Create soft welcoming curves like The White Collar Factory, elegant sweeping arcs like Mercedes-Benz or art deco inspired chevrons like Odeon Leicester Square.

INTRAshape entrance matting tiles can also be combined in infinite geometic shape and colour combinations for a truly one-off creation.

Entrance Matting At Nando's

See how Nando’s uses INTRAshape as part of their distinctive interior design.


Wellness and Sustainability

Entrance matting can also support your brand values in less conspicuous ways.  As a major contributor to global carbon emissions, the retail sector has a key part to play in sustainability. Deloitte believe that retailers that don’t prioritise this may not survive another decade.

With sustainability top of the agenda for many businesses, an increasing number of brands have vowed to reduce their impact on the environment. This can be supported through the choice of entrance matting system.

Entrance matting is available in a range of sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and even bamboo. Combine these with 100% Econyl fibre inserts made from reclaimed nylon fishing nets for a truly sustainable option.

Health and wellness are also becoming central to many retail strategies. Womenswear retailer Anthropologie now offer a wellness section in their stores to promote mindfulness and self-care, helping drive foot traffic to their brick and mortar stores.

Entrance matting can also play a part in supporting health and wellbeing within your store.  The entrance mat traps dirt and contaminants, helping improve the air quality, reduce cleaning costs and minimise slip hazards.

Unlock possibilities at the entrance

Every touchpoint represents an opportunity for retailers to communicate their vision and create a positive connection with their brand.

Developments in entrance matting products mean store designers now have an unlimited range of creative possibilities to enhance aesthetics and draw in customers.

To learn more, why not by book our 1 Hour CPD seminar or request a free entrance matting sample to see the products for yourself?